No wonder I can’t dance

Prompted yet again by dVerse poets, to look for the common meter, I stubbornly imperial, come out with three (left) feet

Rocking back and forth
Trying to impress rhythm
In to a hole whole beatless heart
This is where the stories start
Learn to listen to my pattern
Catch the swelling tide herein
Focus on my ignore ences
Hard to hear what I’ve tuned out

This is the sort of thing I love to hate, that pulls me from my comfort zone, if I let it dVerse poets pub

5 thoughts on “No wonder I can’t dance

  1. I could hear the pattern clearly in the lines after the second and even the first two lines worked well enough. Not everyone accents every word or speaks every phrase in the same way. This allows for some variability.

    I liked the phrase “beatless heart”, but I assume this is not referring to your heart, which certainly beats no matter how many feet you have. Nice poem!


  2. Love your word play here and I totally relate. Definitely not my comfort zone and in fact, borrowing from the introduction of one post, felt da Dum da Dum with this challenge. But – the pub can indeed be a learning place — so great job here! We all put one word in front of the other. I know I know … the saying is one foot but Isn’t that iambic pentameter??? 😉😊

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