Musashi me


as glaciers melt or the draining reservior reveals a hidden topography, so i’ve come to see many things in myself that were always present but ever out of awareness.  I cannot say that this cabinet is more beautiful than a tree, but it is more beautiful than a rotting log.  With each pass, the plane of my awareness shaves off a little more fear, a little more doubt, leaving me a little more smooth.  My old wound heals and my scars begin to fade, the marks my lessons have left upon my body lessen, their traces remain as the landscape of character is revealed. There will always be inclusions, true, but these serve too.

sunbeams kissing me
growing stronger than five rings

This is in response to Haibun Monday over at dVerse Pub.  The challenge was to also incorporate a work of art, painting or photograph, in addition to the prose and haiku portions of the haibun.  Perhaps I am too close to this particular image, (it is a photo of something i’ve been working on) but here it is.  Let me know what you think.



8 thoughts on “Musashi me

  1. I like the idea of the plane making one a little more smooth perhaps in the direction of becoming a cabinet. Even the rotting log is beautiful from the perspective of the creatures living in it.


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