Empty spaces

Room enough
To turn about
The final act
Of this fair play

Reaching in
Cavern grim
A space that should not be
 Tween the rocks

This space in me
yawning chasm, and there
On a pedestal, under glass
Bell jar, My heart

From a prompt at poets united, where I cannot comment. My old system cannot pass the ‘I am not a robot’ test. But thank you for the prompt and all the lovely works that speak to it.


11 thoughts on “Empty spaces

  1. Oh it is strange you cant comment, kiddo……..did you try clicking the wordpress option on the comment form? Or the Open ID one? Glad you are sticking with us anyway! I love the image of heart under bell jar. It will emerge again I am certain.


  2. Aiee! At what cost do we preserve our heart in such museum case? I think I’d like it in my chest despite the pain–the small space is large enough. But, hey, then I risk it being taken from me and may have to grow a new one from scratch.


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