Thank you for reminding me

Over at Poets United the thought-provoked introduced the Red Lineage. Well, lineage was always a sore spot for me, so I thought I’d give it a go. But this device is too slow and their source will not load, so I don’t know the original premise, as such. And it seems like a good, positive thing, I don’t want to rain on that parade. But the idea was sticky so this came out:

My name is Red Eagle
My Teddy was a dog named reddy
My mother wore a red hat
My fathers books were well read.
My other mother was batte-red
my other father, a rapist, she said
I’d like to ask him, but he’s dead
I come from a people I don’t know
You tell me what they’re known for
Forget me
Remember thee



6 thoughts on “Thank you for reminding me

  1. Rosemary’s prompt was so thought-provoking, wasn’t it? It looked simple, but I’ve been struggling to get it done because it’s hard to find the right words to pack a lifetime of description about each person into one word to pair with “red.” I love your play on it. Really great 🙂 Completely enjoyed it.

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  2. Wonderful! I think this is a brilliant way to address the concept, and clearly you did some good thinking.

    (Yes, sorry about that site, It’s quite complex, and seems to have given a few people trouble. Nothing I can do about it as it’s not my site.)

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