Tempest Fugit

A whirlwind within me
Seems to subside
But those emotions hide

Old pains in my hips and hamstrings
Fears in my lumbar and cervical
And the black brick of unworthiness
Tucked in behind my heart

These things need to be felt
Surrendered and let go
Tempest fugit

In response to a prompt on real toads, to reuse a proverb in a different way. Time flies, and so do storms. Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like a banana.


9 thoughts on “Tempest Fugit

      1. Time flees, of course! Goodness gracious, my slowness, my shame and I will now walk away very, very, very slowly…

        And yes, time does have a way of shedding light on things (and on the way we feel about them).


        1. Dear magalay, please, no shame, no fear! Please stay. Often, I am too cryptic for my own good and I need to be questioned, so thank you. Also, technically mine isn’t English, so it is a bit of a stretch from your wonderful prompt.


          1. It wasn’t cryptic at all. The saying is common enough to be part of everyday speech–and, also, I had just finished reading the same proverb on a different poem–the literal meaning just… flew from me.

            And I wasn’t really ashamed. Mostly laughing at myself, which is a really good thing in my books. 🙂

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