Free love

Today is haibun Monday over at dVerse poets pub and I’m not really moved by the form today. But I did get to thinking about the best things in life being free, which is the prompt. Honestly I cannot get a Beatles lyric out of my head whenever I turn my thoughts to this. ” the best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees. Give me money, that’s what I want”. Heh. Could be an indication of the financial abundance coming my way, but not helpful in a haibun sense. Still, I wanted to write something for the prompt. So I came across the idea that unspoken things are free. Or rather, their cost has nothing to do with money.

Like unspoken things
That pass in clasping grasp
Of grandparents glance


5 thoughts on “Free love

  1. Good haibun. the senryu at the end is excellent. I understand that bad things in life are free and that those things break your heart – like the death of your dog when you were a child, when your girlfriend dumped you, etc. etc. etc. I am sorry the form did not speak to you today but am glad that you went ahead and wrote something. I appreciate that very much.


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