The new masculine

There was someone there, in the darkness
I could feel their presence, a blend
Of birth mother, virginity taker and a 
Bitter queen of her own little machine
That I once was snared in.  And I stood
And faced this ominousness.  I asked
For my power back.  That which seemed
To have been taken from me.  That 
Which I had not felt since before I was born.
that which, if I had any of, I would have taken,
Claimed, wrested from that witch.  But no,
I was meek, and asked.  For, like my burdens,
My power is not theirs to bear, nor wield.
    I stood there and let go of fear.
I asked, and it was give to me. And it is
Nothing I could have expected,  anticipated.
    It did not feel strong, beastly, savage
Not able to lift great weights, nor pull
Trains or smash atoms.  It had not the
Sweaty smell of locker rooms, and the 
Taste of it did not feed my ego one bit.
    It was so pure, I held it in my hands
Like two white rods of light, pulsing
And I breathed it into my body, all the way
Deep down through my core, and it filled me.
Sparkles and stars flew from my feet and fingers
As I played with this newfound joy, and
Walked on the ceiling. Oh the rapture of it!
I saw a man who was physically incredible
Strong, fit, healthy he was, tis true, but
So full of love and joy!  What a magnificent
Man, a pinnacle of being, so beautiful in 
The purity of his loving.  A masculinity
Completely unlike our societal define.
A father, a wizard, a leader, so selfless
He almost disappeared.
A mirror, a conduit, calling out anyone
Or thing, his loving attention tuned to.


8 thoughts on “The new masculine

  1. I can tell there is an amazing story behind this poem. There is a great contrast between the woman , the “bitter queen”, and the father who embodies such wonderful qualities. I love poems which tell a story of the path from childhood to adulthood, as this one seems to do. A very intriguing poem, Eric.


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