Perfect timing

Each new task unfolds
Tools and workstations
Leapfrogging out from
The cellar, then out 
from under the deck
Sprawling across the lawn
Grey clouds billow
Fire eats the scraps
Piles of parts processed
And moved to the next.
Sun and clouds engaged
In a pillow fight.
And as the last plank is cut
The clouds, as if that was
An invitation, fill in
The wind turns damp
Tools brushed off and brought back in
Materials piled and tarpaulined
With the last hook of bungee
The first drops come



11 thoughts on “Perfect timing

  1. Vivid words move the action of getting ready for the storm as steadily as one can see a front moving down across the high plains. One can see clouds billowing, blowing darkness and shadows across the land pushing back the last light of sunshine as one scurries to be done in time. Great and well said!

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