Little blue square lego

A pencil from mrs geblers fifth grade glass
The box of things mom thought worth keeping
Notes and names of girls who’ve moved on
There was naught there then either
Joseph’s alabaster head, carved in 1475
Ancient Greek silver ladle, with authentication papers
Pinched pot buccaletta wedding cup
Grandfathers Masonic cuff links
“you know, I belong to an organization”
That old chef knife, so well balanced and sharp
T shirt from that Tull tour
That one red Lego brick, darker than the others
From having been ground up melted and reformed
Ten thousand times for the fake factory tour
Or the little blue square She gave me
That mother I never knew before

from this prompt


13 thoughts on “Little blue square lego

      1. ..just looking back at this..I think I was referring to the part of your mother you never really knew…her truest, deepest feelings and traits of who she was…of what was important to her..the dearest things no one could put a price on???

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    1. Oh, detective work! You could piece together a picture of my life from all this stuff, I’m sure. And you’d probably would have a clearer picture of me than I do! Lol!


  1. A collection of treasures…and a wondering.
    My favorite lines
    Grandfathers Masonic cuff links
    “you know, I belong to an organization”
    I can just hear your grandfather proudly saying that! 🙂 These lines made me smile through the accounting….some wistful and some sad.

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