The fear of loving

My fear is so strong
In it’s black fortress within me
It has set itself up well
And it has made it’s fear my own
A deft mirrored redirection
It has nurtured a vile seed
And borne it’s hard-shelled fruit
Empty save for the little 
Dried up pea of me, rattling
Around in there, alone.
The nutcracker looks
Like a giant hammer
And surely I will be smashed
But how else to open up,
Accept that I have the key
And open the prison 
I’ve kept my heart in
I’ll stay within
Afraid of the very thing
That will set me free of
The fear of loving

poets united provided the prompt today

15 thoughts on “The fear of loving

  1. Oh there is great inner wisdom in those closing lines. I remember once being in a cage – a cage with an open door – that I was afraid to fly out of – until the fear of the cost of staying grew me some wings.


  2. Makes me think of that “Raisin in the Sun,” that:
    “Dried up pea of me, rattling
    Around in there, alone.”

    Fear creates a perfect dilemma when safety means such an impossible loss. You capture it beautifully.


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