Breath deepened

I approached this project/mountain as usual, with some though but no worry.  Putting on boots was like collecting materials, necessary before beginning.  As I walked the way was clear, as I worked the blaze was frequent and bold.  But soon it became steeper, rockier.  It was autumn then, the leaflessness lent a different view.  Breath deepened, and heart gave mind a clear image at each choosing.
  As the days got shorter the project began to fail in small ways, mistakes ruined parts, machines dulled or failed entirely.  The elation of that summit, and beyond, had been lost in a thousand tiny failures.  The pulley coming off was one straw, ruining the pulley when putting it back on was the last straw.

Winters long darkness
bleak trees stripped, dead brown grasses
Buds form unnoticed

20170306. Haibun Monday over at dVerse poets pub.

7 thoughts on “Breath deepened

  1. I have never climbed a mountain that required more than strenuous walking up it. I could sense you were giving up with that pulley when you described it as “one straw” and then “last straw”.


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