Mathematical Feast

The tablecloth is an old (spread)sheet
A shaker full of salty ones
A round zero of a plate
Just waiting to be filled
Rich fishy flavor of fives
Succulent sixes 
Fours surely are cruciferous
Seven steaks (d)ripping off the bone
Threes are crunchy like lettuce or celery
A skewer of five twos on the barbie
Eights are doughy loaves
Nine, between chicken and saffron
If that sounds good (and it is)
Just wait for the equations!

For the prompt at imaginary garden, a remarkable phenomenon


5 thoughts on “Mathematical Feast

  1. I’ve always hated the number 6–I’m just weird like that. But I swear I like a little more after reading of your “Succulent sixes”. They just taste so delicious. My fork is ready for the equations. 😀


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