Spring’s Gambit

Poised to leap forth
Daffodils too early sprung,
beneath snows antiblanket cold
Negotiations ebb and flow
as Cold and Warmth 
come to compromise, Daylight
waxes steadily, chastising them
to not tarry overlong 32
with her persistent sublime
patient insistence, Daffodils gamble,
Azaleas hedged their bets



12 thoughts on “Spring’s Gambit

  1. ‘Negotiations ebb and flow’ this description of the precarious process of spring is great…it also reminds me of my guessing process later on when deciding whether or not to plant seeds, not wanting to be too early nor too late.


  2. I like your perspective of spring’s gambling…I’m trusting in daylight’s “persistent sublime
    patient insistence”. Great choice of verbiage, erbiage 😉


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