Wild mouse

2013-05-07_12_56_38_The_Jet_Star_Roller_Coaster_from_Casino_Pier_a_week_before_demolition_in_Seaside_Heights,_New_JerseyWild mouse on the pier
Shaking rickety claptrap
Surprisingly survived
A thousand rides,
Waving above the waves.
But the seedy seaside town
With it’s tepid fleabag crown
Fell afoul of natures frown
She ceased the screaming sound
With storm, came crashing down
sent to a watery grave
Now fishes the Mouse do ride



dVerse asks us to write about amusement parks. True story, just ask the fish.  Photos from interwebs, owned by their owners, not me.  This last one is by Stephen Wilkes.




12 thoughts on “Wild mouse

  1. Ah…..the seaside carnival rides and midway….succombed to the rising seas and storm surges. Childhood memories resting in the deep. Well written….thanks for posting!
    PS: I remember the jerkiness of the Wild Mouse ride….and how it seemed like you were riding right off the track because the front of the “car” you sat in, was way in front of the wheels that turned on the track! 🙂 At least, that was the Wild Mouse I remember.


  2. A real wild mouse on a pier that is shaky might be experiencing a kind of ride every time someone walks on that pier. I am not familiar with the Wild Mouse ride. If a storm destroys the park and the Wild Mouse ride lands in some nearby water, at least the fish will be able to enjoy it.


  3. I like the perspective of your poem, Eric. I do enjoy the darker side of things. Great phrases:
    ‘Shaking rickety claptrap’
    ‘tepid fleabag crown’.


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