Parc Central, états-unis

Each boulder, pathway and watercourse
Placed just so, to guide the ebb and flow
hide and reveal the skyline at each turn
A lawn thrown about the green heart

Pages turned, frisbees tossed
Five hundred thousand faces
When Paul and Arthur played
Clicks of heels on cobblestones
Rubber padded runners routes

Each tree bulb and bush laid
A mockery, fabrication, honorific
A nod to needed nature
Carved from cities canyons

For dVerse where the challenge is Impressionism. Central park, New York. Paul and Arthur are Simon and Garfunkle, who did a benefit concert in the park which drew about 500,000 people.


10 thoughts on “Parc Central, états-unis

  1. Oh, okay. Paul and Arthur. For some reason I had placed myself right dab in the middle of the vast expanse of green near Lake Michigan in Chicago. And shame on me, since I lived in France–(used to) speak it fluently. I could never live in a big city, but I suppose those stretches of green must be heaven to those who do.


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