Gods kitchen

Ah, food!  I adore food, and revel in flavor!  From the moms lasagna or lobster, with a bowl of melted butter of course, every year my birthday dinner; to a perfect prime rib at Quincy’s, huevos con chile verde at Michaels Kitchen, to a perfect, rich, complex jambalaya in some hole in the wall at the far end of the French quarter,  Millers pizza (significantly thinner than this paper), more shrimp than we could eat one new years, to a historically researched five course (four dishes each) feast with King Richard in Hempstead castle, I have been so blessed with many wonderful meals.
  Those who have joined me in these culinary adventures share a special place, for the food sustains the body and delights the senses, the conversation stimulates the mind, it is the company that sustains the soul.
  To see then that food is life drives me to the kitchen, the big pot and favorite knife, wicked sharp.  To share in the making of, the recipes, the culture, this is where love is made, reduced and imbibed. The cook and the diner entwined.
  This follows me to the garden, where the sun and the rain fall equally, both needed in their turn, And God smiles

Ripe summer tomato
delicious, juicy, bursting,
Still warm from the sun

haibun Monday over at dVerse poets pub. Quincy’s is in Leadville Colorado, Michaels Kitchen is in Taos, NewMexico. The French quarter is New Orleans, Louisiana. Millers was a dive bar in Clinton, nj that somehow had incredible pizza. There’s nothing like standing in the garden and relishing it’s bounty right there.

16 thoughts on “Gods kitchen

  1. Well, my favorite line was highlighted early on in the reading:
    “it is the company that sustains the soul.”
    until I read the haiku. We spent many many years in Iowa — garden delicious Iowa. And when folks ask me what I miss, I always say “the taste of the first tomato in the garden, picked and bitten into like an apple!” 🙂


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