Set my soul free

We got back to the land, a hundred acre parcel upstate.  Had been a camp at one point, till the main building burned.  There were still cabins in various states of decay, and a cinderblock barn.  Pipes had heaved up out the ground, rubbish all around.  And the weeds had grown tall amongst it all.  Deep ruts in the main field, too.

But Richard and I had spent every other Saturday there.  We found a lawn mower in the bush, cleaned it up and got it running.  Cleared out a back field behind the barn mad a comely lawn.  Piled up stones for a fire place, complete with grill.  And when the sun would low like evening cows, the sweat was done and the fire lit, those were some of the best hamburgers I ever et.

Summers day waning
Labors reward sown, and reaped
Scent, smoke, sustenance 

Haibun Monday at dVerse


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