Breaking tradition

Youth, being youth
Will rail against 
Every container they find themselves in
Without the bother
Of learning why

What is the cause
The reason
For these so called traditional gender roles?
What purpose do they serve?
You cannot successfully deny them
if you don’t know

poets united

6 thoughts on “Breaking tradition

  1. One purpose was property, passed through the male line, hence female subjugation and male ownership of wives and children too. That one we hopefully reject. Earlier, there was ‘the mouth of the cave’ – i.e. when the woman was weakened by pregnancy, childbirth and feeding the infant, she needed a strong man to guard the mouth of the cave against predators. and to hunt for food for her and her child. That is probably still quite a good idea – but it was practical and temporary, not enshrined in mystical law/lore.


  2. The process of youth is discovering who you really are and then, as an adult, learning to be comfortable in your own skin. Why waste precious time on so much anger and rebellion against reality?


  3. A thought provoking poem. One of the strengths of youth may be the openness to see ‘containers’ with fresh eyes. Understanding is a mature tool for engagement…ironically I find ‘understanding’ sometimes dulls an inner sense that something feels wrong (l’m not arguing with the poem… it stimulated my morning brain)


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