The Planets

The Planets – Holst


When I was a baby my orbit tight
around my mother
My world small like mercury
My face ever to the sun
As a boy my world was larger
My orbit expanded
And though I was still ruled by the sun,
I turned and glimpsed the darkness
Then with more growth, my youth, more expansion, my solid earth would quake
The sun still fed my life
But my own inner fire would erupt
Fueled by that inner fire my warlike manhood rising,
my orbit flung wider,
the sun ever farther

Until I shattered, broken, scattered into a thousand rocks
Maturity: Jupiter gaseous spirit
basking in vastness,
a great storm like an eye,
Father Saturn resplendent rings, the sun still guides my course
Uranus grandfather of kings
each sphere encompasses knowledge
Until those limits reached
i am blue
Then all the gas is lost to space
size no longer important
The suns grip begins to slip
Orbits tilt, off centered
earthly definition no longer fits

What lies beyond,
sixteen thousand solar systems,
the inner orb(it)s can’t conceive

20170330       we are, each of us, in every thing, thus anything is an example or a mirror of you, of me, and my world expands beyond my world.  perspective grows.  as we go around, we encompass greater territory.  there is always more

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