Mercury’s lesson

In the biggest pot you have,
Take one burning star,
Cast thereto four rocky worlds
Set them all to stir
Sprinkle with asteroids
Add to them four gaseous planets
Each milder, cooler than the last
Serve it forth with a cold cherry on top
A tiny world, smaller than the moon
Vast in implication
What can mercury teach Pluto?
so proximate,
 who so adores the sun,
He never turns his face away,
The newborns innocence who sees only mother
Who cannot know darkness
Or conceive of space, what lies beyond,
But full of devotion, basking in warmth.
also selfless,
Smaller than seven moons
The sun, so distant, not even centered anymore,
Now it is the devotion that fuels, lives on
When the object of devotion is gone.
Orbital plane tilted, what can you see,
Up there beyond the pale?  How much
Have you taken in, with your sweep
Unfathomably wide? 
We simmer in this solar system stew
Seething on this question, each adding 
to the special sauce, and yet
We see only ourselves,
Imagine only other worlds, like this one.
Does the ninth remember the first?
What lies out there, 
beyond devotion?
Beyond faith?

20170402 so blessed to be challenged in a way that reveals more question. April is Global Poetry Writing Month! challenge yourself to write a poem a day for 30 days. Today’s prompt was recipes. Recipes, or cooking instructions, in the middle ages seem vague to the modern eye, they do not list quantities, and if they mention cooking times, they say “until it’s done”. Today’s challenge from Real Toads is to Limit yourself to only 55 words. My intention is to boil this down some more…

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