Bright shadows in darkened cinemas

The lights retreat and shadow fills the room.  We sit in rows of comfy chairs, bolted to the floor, about to embark on a miracle. For here man has taken shadow and bent it to his will, making it talk dance and leap about, and tell stories so vivid you can forget the shadow, forget the room, forget yourself.  And that right there is why I come here, to peer from the shadow, and watch what happens in the light.  I fancy myself that brave, that strong, that powerful.  Benevolent, loving, compassionate.  We leave the theater on that high, bursting forth into the lingering summer sun, so much brighter from being in the shadow, for a moment it seems to shine just for us

Summer sun lingers
Burns away movie shadows
So my own can wax

Today’s shadow prompt at dverse got me thinking about how a movie is just a shadow of film.

5 thoughts on “Bright shadows in darkened cinemas

  1. I love your take on the prompt! Yes, movies can inspire us, shame us, frighten or make us laugh. And it does seem the summer sun does shine more brightly after being immersed in shadows.


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