Here is a lovely little nature poem, for GloPoWriMo

Oh you little bitch
Thinking you can hide from me?
Don’t you know who I am?
Come to me and reveal your gifts
I am relentless, undeniable
you will do what you’re told
I will not be denied
You will be scraped and raped
Poisoned and mined.  Every
Bird will perish, every tree will fall
Stone will be pried up, dug, and burned
The ore will feed the great machine
Precision parts, oil and grease
Hydraulic muscles, silicon brains
Even my own kind will submit
To the machine, they willing 
Plug themselves in, post pictures
Of food or pathetic house cats
All that’s left of mighty lion,
Sit in conditioned air,
In the midst of the manufactured
Surrounded by brands
Ignoring tv’s hollow blare
And write poems about you


2 thoughts on “Subjugation

    1. Thank you shawna. Being a naiad that’s not unreasonable. Oh who am I kidding, sod reason!

      There’s no ‘supposed to’ in my world. Thanks for the comment.


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