A poets love

But father,
Without the love of a poet
I’ll starve at the banquet
I’ll freeze at the burning hearth
Money and wealth are
Empty and meaningless
There is no nourishment like love
And no love like that of a poet

Inspired by, and a sort of response to, Crinkles by Jade Wong

2 thoughts on “A poets love

  1. Boy is that the truth. Ignore your father; love whomever you want.

    Ha. I just reread it. Initially, I presumed you were a boy poet in love with a girl poet. The second time around, I thought maybe you were a girl being warned by her father against loving a poet. Regardless, everyone should just love hard and fast, regardless of circumstances. Don’t you think? Death comes too quickly, as quickly as passion can wane. So hold onto while it’s there. That’s what I think, anyway.

    Have you read Dark Aemilia? You should.

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    1. Love is all there is. And our idea of it is so much less than it can be. Those words from the father are coming from love. compassion for the poor oaf which such a small view of love. thank you for your insights


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