Stop the Clock

each clock lasts exactly
a thousand years
as i rush through your
slow motion world
slipping between moments
the way one avoids the raindrops
oh,  you can’t do that? hm
mind leaps, like electrons, ever expanding
jumping out upon orbits
mulling over planets
sweeping grandiose schemes in
stone, then gas, then light itself
with all the seriousness of singularity
thats where it all unravels,
the navel of the universe,
the belly button, unbuttoned
thats where the connection was
the last union before separate me
severed in seconds, completely
then denied any orbit at all
completely adrift.  it will take lifetimes
to find trust again
see how the specific is resisted?
narrow the focus, friend.
the detail devil hides in grit
in dirt, in sand
be bold, in an inner way
face him, focus.  sharpen.
the space between the ticks grows
lengthens.  know the small
there is only your specific action
in the now
once you are firmly there,
the ticking stops


7 thoughts on “Stop the Clock

  1. You’re very persuasive. I find myself believing this even whilst thinking there must be a flaw in the resasoning somewhere .


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