Ten Men

I stand tall on the Mesa
Thrusting skyward
At the top of a ravine
Two eggs in my basket
Larger now than I’ve ever been
Yet still so small
She surrounds, engulfs me
Tender and vulnerable, my jewels are not
in my vault, they are
Hanging out front by the street
Men and women dangerously
passing by, elbows akimbo
She puts her feet
upon the mountain
And we begin to climb
There is a teapot
That can fill your cup
Like pb blaster
I am slick, penetrating
Like cold street corner cameras
Unnoticed, I see you
though you are ever guarded
The key is your house, oh lock!
Let it in and it will shelter you
She will not let me in
Though the rain is driving
No tennis in the court today
She will not let me in
The rain makes quite a racket
The balls are wet, dripping
She will not let me in,
Until my heart takes off his mac.
Score, one love.
Sixty shoes she has
But still just two feet
Twenty three dresses
Several dozen blouses
That’s after cleaning out two closits
Shorts, slacks, skirts, capris
Socks and stockings
Not to mention the underthings
Makeup in 18 different colors
So many masks, for every mood
Costume for myriad roles
Some she must take, some are play.
Me?  Just one suit
Charcoal grey.
The best times are  not so much
When my needs are met, but
the ones where she is thrilled, laughing
Legs shaking uncontrollably,
Those times are the best

http://www.napowrimo.net/day-six-5/ challenge is to “write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view.”  so here are ten views of masculinity. Also added to the open link night at dverse

10 thoughts on “Ten Men

    1. Thank you Toni. Still wrestling with the idea of masculine. Don’t want the false bravado, the senseless competition, the unfeelingness, but still want to feel manly. surely there’s a balance somewhere…

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