It is useless to tell one not to reason but to believe,
You might as well tell a man, not to wake but sleep

Apparently the most difficult feat for a Cambridge male
Is to accept a woman not merely as feeling, 
Not merely as thinking, but as managing a complex 
vital interweaving of both

Not just the Cambridge male, but most of men and women both
Balanced in a twighlight like dreaming thinking believing feeling
Teasing out the tugging ebb and flow of lifetides


Too weak and unread to follow with real toads prompt “guidelines: the 1st stanza will be a tweet from one of the thirteen writers listed below. The 2nd stanza will be a reply to the first tweet, by a different writer from the list. The 3rd stanza will be your reply/input/commentary to the exchange between the two writers. The stanza-tweets should be written in the chosen writers’ styles. And the completed poem should read as one piece.” first and second are direct quotes, lord Byron and Sylvia Plath, third stanza by me.  Nine lines, to fit the GloPoWriMo prompt as well


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