A castle in the sunshine

They say it’s bad
 To build on beaches
But all I got is sand,
So thats what  my castle’s of.
Carve out noble hall. 
Mold Towers, pile walls
Great welcoming gate. 
Drizzle the minarets. 
 Should tide come and castle fall 
Twas worth it all. 

dVerse poets pub offers up a quadrille (44 words exactly) containing ‘drizzle’

16 thoughts on “A castle in the sunshine

  1. Have you read The King Will Make a Way? That’s what this reminds me of. The King isn’t dead. He’s just waiting for the village to climb his hill and find rest in him.

    I love those Mold Towers though. That made me smile. 🙂

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  2. the impermanence of the sandcastle is sad? that’s the very point of them. Is there anything we do that isn’t? Like Ghandi speaking of detachment, work without attachment to the fruit of the labor. I guess that is buddhist also. Don’t wait, creating only happens in the now. the tide might not come, the castle might not be sand, always build your castles, with whatever is at hand.

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  3. Unique use of drizzle! My sons always built elaborate sand castles at any beach we’ve visited. I remember playing indoors with “silly sand” as a kid…that stuff drizzled 🙂


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