Girl at the bonfire

She can’t get too close
Huddled around the fire
We have to keep pulling her back
For fear she will catch aflame
They all think she’s drunk
But the empty cans don’t care
Who drained them.
I suspect she’s trying
To thaw her heart, for
There is a whole winters worth 
Of cold inside her

20170410. GloPoWriMo day ten, prompts for a poem-portrait of a person.


6 thoughts on “Girl at the bonfire

  1. Great stuff, this one. Someone’s always in that boat, almost in that fire, even if they’re feet and feet away. They’re lucky to have someone notice. Even if all they do is write it down. Even if it’s all just made up.

    Whatever, man. Great stuff.

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  2. This is a very powerful , intriguing and fear instigating image to image. I cannot help but worry and think if this was a true story and what happened next? Did she melt, did she ever get warm?

    Liked by 1 person

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