The more you make me see

The wind blows
Closer pulled coat collar
I am late due to this weather
Get the fire ready, 
To warm my bones,
You warm my heart already

Information day!
The prompt is Oldies at dVerse, to use a song title’s words in a poem. The closer I get to you, Roberta flack why not give it a Burl?

14 thoughts on “The more you make me see

  1. This is a wonderful post! Get the fire ready….you warm my heart already. I picture a wonderful fireplace of stones that reach to the ceiling, and a glass of red wine waiting for me at the table beside a very comfy couch. Nice use of the song here……..I adored Roberta Flack. However, I went to a free performance she did two summers ago in Boston, and her voice is really shot. I left very early as I didn’t want to remember her voice like that — I wanted those clear beautiful melodious sounds we have locked into recordings to stay with me. Sometimes, people need to retire. I so admire Julie Andrews for doing that. And on the other side of the coin, marvel at Tony Bennet who can still croon.


  2. I remember Roberta Flack but couldn’t remember the song title, so I’ve found it on YouTube and the memories have come flooding back. Thanks Eric! A beautiful song and you’ve brought out the warmth in your poem.


  3. That’s great Erbiage! Roberta Flack was one of my favorites. “The first time ever I saw your face”, that was a big hit too. I hadn’t thought of that song in decades, kind of a slow dance around the hearth. Your words were very evocative of her lyrics and melody


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