Long-haired freaky people need not apply

Ask Why should long locks
Be the purview of one sex
This is a sampsonesque emasculation
A trimming of wings
A clipping of power
Leave the buzz cuts to boxers and brawlers
A man of peace can let himself be beautiful
Cease the upstream paddling
Let go and grow with the flow
Leave the violence for violins
Live in love and light, and labor
Not for fruit, but for itself

withrealtoads prompt today is Sign o the times (a great song by Prince) my sign is from a song, by Tesla, though I’m told it’s older than that. Can’t you read the signs?


7 thoughts on “Long-haired freaky people need not apply

    1. and the sign said long-haired freaky people
      need not apply
      so i took my hair up under my hat
      and i went in to ask him why
      he said you look like a fine upstanding
      young man, i think you’ll do
      so i took off my hat, said imagine that
      huh, me, working for you
      signs, signs, everywhere are signs
      blocking up the scenery chasing my mind
      do this, don’t do that
      can’t you read the sign?


  1. There was a great stand up routine that sort of destructed that song line by line, but it still one of my favorites. Your poem was a great write out. “Leave the buzz cuts to boxers and brawlers”…I so enjoyed the narrative voice here and the gentle (yet still very masculine) rock throwing towards those who might defend a ridiculous manly ideal. Long songs are for everyone! Thanks for posting and viva la!

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  2. Love your words and how true they are. That said, long hair on men turns me off, unless it is tied back and then I think it really cool. (Work that one out… I can’t!) :o]
    Anna :o]

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