Fear me

I’ll take the lid off this pressure-pot.  All my life it was said, I have such potential.  “If he’d only apply himself” they said.  Well I managed to avoid that nonsense for quite a few years.  Keep expectations low, hide in my shell.  Never try to excel.  Drift where the wind blew me.  It seemed alright at the time, i didnt know any better. Is the emptiness of my life apparent here? Even this confession feels hollow, as if I’m hiding behind the big reveal.
  Here in this blog are bits of all of it, blurted out as a shield, not an invitation.  But here, worthlessness is fading, like the scar on the back of my hand when I fell off my red bicycle.  I thought I knew, but it seems to be gone now.  Keeping that lid on hurts so much. I fear failing, not meeting expectations, but worse, and more than that
I fear to succeed
Springtime, fearless flowering
Mostly, I fear me.

the only thing we have to fear today’s prompt from dVerse.

10 thoughts on “Fear me

  1. I know the feeling. The “I have never really been tested, but try me!” kind of feeling, right? It’s hard to feel like you’ve proved yourself when there are no epic challenges to overcome.


  2. Fearless flowering. How brave are the flowers of spring and yet, I feel they must be afraid to open their petals when it is cold and chance of freezing. I gave up being afraid of meeting expectations years ago but…still hide behind confession. The haiku in this is excellent and yes, it is revealing.


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