To our valued customers

Don’t you want your food to come
In the loving brace of aluminum?
Sitting for weeks in leaching plastic film?
All you have to do is open it and eat
What could be easier?
Pre-prepared and pumped with preservatives
And sugar so you’ll like it more
Seven types of corn syrup, evaporated cane juice
Fructose, glucose, change the name so you’ll buy.
There’s whole companies full of the gainfully employed
Running factories to manufacture these experiences
So you don’t have to cook.  You can feel good
About buying these products, 
this pastuerized food product
Is valuable, it fuels
Our society.  You think this stuff grows on trees?
Eat!  It’s ok, we make insulin too.



7 thoughts on “To our valued customers

  1. In the name of good commerce we have been turned into sugar addicts who will keep the insulin factories running quite nicely. Efficient and effective, the monster that owns us ….


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