Utility of boundary

Half way through maggots field
Sam stopped, hard against
An invisible fence.  There he felt constraint
Yet with only one step, much like any other
That boundary was obliterated.
I feel this in my thighs,
Swelling, hot. Itching to be released
Like a runner on the blocks,
Anticipating the gun
Where this boundary’s undone
Petrarch took up poetic shackles
Chained hisself into a form
Within those bounds his words shone
So much they became the norm.

With real toads prompt Over Under Through


5 thoughts on “Utility of boundary

  1. Well, your title says it all – and you’ve expanded on it to some purpose. Yes, they can be useful. But how many of us will get past your boundaries this time? You have linked back to the toads prompt, not to your poem. (I decided to hunt for it.) It may not be too late to put in the right link – or you could post it to Tuesday platform, perhaps?


  2. Oh, I like the starkness here, and the world blending elements. Boundaries are physical and then not so much, eh? Well done and Viva la!!!!


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