A bunch of us had gone to lunch, and coming back piled into pauly’s car, I squeezed into the back.  As the next guy got in, I started to panic. Totally freak out about the smallness of the space.  I had to get out.
The next time was in a soviet submarine.  Someone had stopped in the gangway, people piling up like cars on an autobahn.  As they closed in, panic filled me.  I went out the way I came, relief as soon as I was beyond the bodies, even though the cramped can still closely contained me.
To face this fear I lay under a sheet of plywood, as stones were placed upon it, until visions came, fear split my mind open. I saw them sitting around me in judgement, and I watched me too. As I passed the test, I noticed that the judges were inside me too.

Autumn kills summer
Though it be long cold and dark
Winter prepares spring


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