from a point, a singularity
infintely dense, dimensionless
a vast emptiness, sameness, no-thingness
a vast difference
a  v a s   d e f e r e n s
between what wasn’t and what can never not be
a sea, a seed, swimming
sea weed waving ebbing tide running
before that,  currently
a current in the not
a motion in the now
a wave without medium
current events without the media
massless particles only spin
the potentiality volcano blows
the seed splits open
the word moves upon the waters
the motion makes the moved
absence exhales presence
the separate come together, then part
reminescent of origin, calls forth more of them
Then will be, when already was
root becomes foot becomes soul
look closer, Adam, Atom
substance falls away
nothing left but spin
stops in stillness singularity
till that too is gone, what remains is joy



a creation myth prompted by GloPoWriMo


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