a wordburger on sportsball

i learned via twitter
that someone named steph
participated in sportsball
my heartache hinges on the
sportsball game
my whole city comes alive
thanks to lebanon james and
stephen chicken curry
peyton manguy scored 30
home run shoots in Bigbowl
My team, we won!
they even have sportsball rpg
let’s pretend!


glopo2017button1Global Poetry Writing Month wants lingo from a favorite sport or game.  So this is what it looks like when i amuse myself.


8 thoughts on “a wordburger on sportsball

  1. I’d pick up some sports lingo, but they talk so friggin fast, most of the time, I don’t have a chance to look stuff up in my copy of “Sports Talk for Dummies.”


    1. i cannot take credit for wordburgers. it was some blog post railing against the fanatical approach to sportsball, where the jock-fan was attempting to mock the libraries full of wordburgers. Too funny!


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