Swan Song

In an instant
Life changed so much
Hard, like a car crash
But less dramatic.
It showed me things
Like father, forced
Into corner, to consider.
Well I have.  The secret
Of life revealed to me
As I sat and watched
Mostly they ignored me
Sucked into their tv’s
But I saw them.
At first I tried to interact
Kick and shake and howl
Da na nun na !
But their heads are so full
Of word burgers, the bloat
Conceals the gloat which
Hides hurt and insecurity.
No word can crack that open
They wouldn’t listen anyway
Or let themselves begin to heal.
that was me once too
So I sit in compassion mute
Bless that stroke of luck,
My gift,
A silent candle
Shining love.

WithRealToads asks us to consider silence.

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