most of all

Buddist, yogi, seeking god 
Sitting Motionless, silent snowfall,
Or Hidden deep in Tennessee hills, 
Arcadian, serene. 

With Every beat of my heart 
The rhythmic wave of breath 
A sort of stillness therein
Where effort ceases
(Mind and body tamed)
Moonshine warmth of love unleashed

dverse quadrille looks at “still”


10 thoughts on “most of all

  1. The last line is my favorite … because of course the only way the moon can truly love is “un-leashed.” Geez, she’s not a dog or a pet who can be walked or trained!

    That makes me think of It’s a Wonderful Life, the man lassoing the moon for his girl. But that would jack everything up; she’d probably jerk back and forth, trying to get free, and might turn into quite the scary monster in the process. Just imagine what that would do to the ocean and its inhabitants!

    I know that has nothing to do with your poem. I let my imagination run away with me, as usual. Sorry.

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  2. I’ve never been to Tennessee and probably never will, so a ‘Buddist, yogi, seeking god / Sitting Motionless…/ Or Hidden deep in Tennessee hills’ is very appealing. Your Quadrille evokes the serenity achieved from yoga and meditation. I love the final line!

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