To Margerie

As comely as the maidenhead
On the vessels prow
Bring ye to the marraige bed
And there to take ye vow

On stately sheets tis said
virtues proved, I know not how
Worry not your pretty head
Neither offense is here, nor row

The sty belongeth to the sow,
Your place, here, to glory led
Your blossoming here, the time is now
Upon my word, or strike me dead

heavens hand at first is red
Then flushed, alive, with vibrant glow
and when on honeydew and milk we’ve fed
Dear maiden take your bow

The napowrimo challenge today is to write a skeltonic poem. Short lines, short stanzas two stresses and some rimes…


12 thoughts on “To Margerie

  1. I went to your About page to see whether this was written by a man or woman. The sardonic, yet sensitive approach in the poem here has me taking of my beanie (it’s winter here) in acknowledgement of the insights.

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  2. Ah the seafaring captain and his young bride…….real flesh and blood or the ship’s figure that crashes in and out of the sea in the storm. I love seeing these antique figureheads in maritime museums. In Provincetown, on Cape Cod, there’s one that is mounted at the top peak of a house, just beneath the eave of the roof and the name of that house/cottage is The Maiden’s Place 🙂

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  3. So sorry, unexpected visitors last night have made me rather late in responding to your piece. But this is skilfully rendered in traditional form – I enjoyed this very much.

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