We never said grace before the meal, but always gleefully, if not greedily, did consume with great appreciation.  There may have not been much reverence in the eating, but there was love in the preparation, and the sustenance.  Wide slabs of noodle laid in tomato sauce, meat and vegetables mortared in troweled ricotta, slabs of fresh mozzarella that would stretch, reminder of the connection between eater and eaten.

This, prepared with love
Cold fall, hot food, eat of it
And thus be sustained

A haibun prompt from Bjorn on dVerse


12 thoughts on “Lasagne

  1. As I see it if one eats with awareness and appreciation of those around one grace is said throughout the whole meal. Nice view of mozzarella as connecting eater and eaten.


  2. Indeed, the appreciation of each bite and the full stomach at the end is saying grace and adding an ‘Amen’. One should eat it with gusto.
    Making lasagna is painstaking and time consuming, but I love it.


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