Measureless to man

Sailing on the sunless sea
Indifferent in the directionless dark
Surface still, flat, silent
Air unbreathed, faintly flinty
Even mighty Alph dies here
In this cold lifeless ocean



15 thoughts on “Measureless to man

    1. Thanks Paul. I left out gollum references, and I. Was moved to mention brimstone, but I went with flinty instead. I like both words, but didn’t want the noxious connotation.


  1. I like the way you start with a sunless sea and end with a cold lifeless ocean. I love the phrase ‘Air unbreathed, faintly flinty’ – it reminds me of the underground lake outside Vienna.

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  2. I read it aloud the second time I read it. The words flow — and the title is significant here. This is a “mood” piece for sure. For me, I feel humanity adrift in the endless sea….Have no idea if that’s the intent…but then if a reader “jumps” from the poem, connects with it and from it, that’s the sign of good writing…at least that’s what I believe. And I really connected with this one.

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