The first part was writ a few days ago, intended as a challenge. But after reading the prompt over at Poets United I appended my new gluten-free poem to it.

Write to me then of flowers
Without that word, flower.
Not bloom, bud nor blossom employ,
With words, emotions, ideas you’ll toy
And hopefully Joy embower

What a sultry form
Riotous in colors
Exquisite curves
Enticing to deepening folds
Focused heady intoxicating perfumes
She unfolds, ripening
Precocious of the fruit 
She soon will bear
Worshipped near and far
Ensconced in vases or
Behind garden walls
Admired by birds
Molested by bees
Adored by me’s


17 thoughts on “Fleur

    1. Thanks Myrna. I spend a lot of time beating around the bush, so this kind of deliberate avoidance is natural to me, and I pretend it has value, by imagining the changing perspective.


    1. thanks bev. i like the idea of writing about a thing but not using any of the usual words for it. leaves a bit open for the reader’s interpretation…


    1. Thanks Rosemary, but it’s a cheat! Just invent a challenge you know you can achieve. The Pallinend is a bit more difficult, i’ve only one pure example of that, and a few close ones…


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