Endearing annoyance

I’m trying to get you to do your work.  You brought these here and you haven’t taken very good care of them.  My mother wants to fix this but you’d better not let her.  So we will go get what you need.  (I have no idea what you had planned for today and I don’t care, you brought these here so this is your project) And you’d better be grateful.
  Ok, now that you are in the middle of it and engaged, are you hungry? No? Well I’m going to make dinner anyway and not tell you.  Then, when it’s done, I’ll expect you to drop what you are doing (that you didn’t want to do anyway) and come eat.  And yes I will get pissy when it’s gotten cold, because you took too long.  

flaws make us human
Only then does anger fade
Winter reveals spring



10 thoughts on “Endearing annoyance

  1. Sounds a lot like my family trying to work together. Very evocative, I can almost hear the arguing last time I went to work at mom’s house. Good Haiku, when we finally come together, it’s beautiful


  2. I read this as everything that comes out of my mouth on a bad parenting day, ugh! But we always put the pieces back together at bedtime. Very relatable, I threw myself right into your words.


  3. I love this from the title down.
    I agree that as humans we are flawed, but am grateful for this difference. I guess life might be pretty boring if we were all too too nice…and unconditional love is there to bind us together, fill in the cracks.
    Anna :o]


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