Rene Flowers

There was a woman Rene Flowers
Over smaller folk she towered
She seemed nice enough to know her
Underneath she was a monster
backstage at dancing shows she’d lurk
And strike in stormy nights dark murk
She’d carry off a child quick
Her favorite parts were the drumsticks!


Mugging for the Camera

8 thoughts on “Rene Flowers

  1. Oh my goodness! My jaw literally dropped with my mouth agape at the ending of this! WOW! What a twist. I wrote a much kinder picture of Rene Flowers….in fact it intimates that the girl she’s holding aloft, is her daughter, Rosebud (totally made up) and that Rosebud tired of not being the star. Rene was listed as Missing Person….never found….but quite possibly Rosebud took up with the Rockettes when Radio City Music Hall opened 🙂 Just goes to show you…..these mugshots have so much mystery to them! LOVE your take on it! So glad you posted — and apologies again for the mix-up.

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