Lonely arts club

The world beside everyday life
Parallel, Pointing to that lying 
Disillusioned not, nor resigned
To plebeian life itself 
Disenchanted with, chafing 
Mundane perceptions limits.
Sociological consciousness
Irreparably fragmented,
Momentarily unified in this 
Pervasively playing
Revolving tonal stew
Of mushrooms payote
And sgt pepper

From a prompt to spice up out writings with a quadrille containing pepper. Http://dVersepoets.com

15 thoughts on “Lonely arts club

  1. What a clever title.

    I really like how your lines feed into each other.

    “To plebeian life itself
    Disenchanted with, chafing”

    “mushrooms payote”

    Those are my favorites.


  2. I like that. The artistic world is kind of like a parallel universe to the “normal”. At least that’s what it seems like to me. Especially today with the advent of Cable TV, 4-D movies, and various 3 dimensional modes of entertainment, that do not require any thought for consumption. But i digress, I liked the use of the Sgt. Pepper Band at the end

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  3. “Pervasively playing
    Revolving tonal stew
    Of mushrooms payote
    And sgt pepper”

    Yep! You nailed it. I will now and forever more have a word picture of that album and that era: “Revolving tonal stew.” Nice approach to the prompt that left me with a slightly psychedelic aftertaste. As it should be!


  4. I remember those earlier, psychedelic days when drugs were thought to bring higher consciousness and not early death. How things have changed.


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