I know I am on the right road
for there are signs abundantly
And if you can’t tell how you feel
They put a picture on a post
And if I keep within the bounds
Prescribed by law or decency
Then all impediments dissolve
So sign and mind collude and guide
Some signs are words, and some pictures
Some signs are hunches, or feelings, 
Guided so over hills and fields
There is one sign my heart appeals
Wisest of all, this one says Yield


12 thoughts on “Yield

  1. I, a visual learner by inclination, admired your decision not to be overtly visual (posting a picture) while being overtly visual in your words. Good show!


  2. I can ‘t count the times I’ve missed that sign, through nudges, hints or outright ominous thunderclouds. Your verse make me feel the lumps on my head and elsewhere and say, ow,ow, ow…


  3. signs all around us…..so very very true. And Yield is a wonderful sign when you think about it. It’s the give and take of life….it’s the melding of two people in a marriage….it’s knowing when to yield and when to forge ahead. Well done!


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