more magnificent than you know
yet you don’t let it show
within, there is such peace, glory and radiance
go through that door, and dance
you wonder why you’re unsettled, uncentered
what would make a supernova sicker
then settling to be just a flicker?


20170717 offered the prompt to write a quadrille including the word Flicker, (or a variant)  the quadrille’s words number forty four, no less, no more.


21 thoughts on “deficiency

  1. How inspiring! Don’t go through that door and no one will ever know the supernova that the little flicker contains inside. It’s kind of crazy, but it reminds me of some of the America’s Got Talent auditions I saw last week

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  2. No need to settle for a flicker with encouragement of which you write. There is a supernova in us all – it just needs to explode out,
    Anna :o]

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  3. I think “settling” is a reality in certain circumstances of life, as long as the flicker of spirit and hope doesn’t die. Sometimes, it can awaken out of dormancy and shine bright like a supernova with the right nourishment. Thanks for the thought and the pep talk. ❤


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