Winter window pains


Within these fleshy walls contained
Sun moon and stars detained
Though without is cold and drear
The jade, and me, are warm, in here


The dVersepoets prompt today is windows.


28 thoughts on “Winter window pains

  1. Hah!!!! Glad you went beyond the requirements of the Windows operating system — love the photo! 🙂 Although it’s a bit chilly looking for me, spending this summer in hot and humid Boston! Well, maybe I’ll pull it up again and gaze into that window (er….aperture — since you’re not using Windows) and feel a little coolness on my brow 🙂 GREAT response to the prompt! Smiling I am. Thanks for posting!

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  2. I love the picture so much. Snow is my most favorite thing. I am laughing at myself because when I read that you and the jade were warm inside, I interpreted jade as in “woman” – archaic term for a woman or tart and that made me giggle then…I went back and saw it was a jade plant. I’m in the country too and I love it. We think we are blessed as well.

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