A building

A toad asked for a building, descriptor but unnamed. So guess what it is, play the game.

A reputation
For relaxation.
Fireside. Romantic.
But the place does not compare.
The industrial carpeted floor
Gritty and tasteless, though well salted.
And the food? Luxury? Exotic?
Nachos con queso? No
Doritos with wiz is more accurate
Kept too long under a warming lamp
Bavarian pretzels, dried out and stale
A burger to make mcdonald a gourmet.
Too many people paying too much for too little
Slurp down their sodas and cafeteria fries
Then back out to the cold, and the queue
Into the machine that whisks them away



5 thoughts on “A building

  1. A fast-food outlet with Doritos and Bavarian pretzels… with a well salted floor… if it’s on the other side of the world, I don’t think I’ll get it Eric – I’m an English toad! But if it makes a McDonald’s burger a gournet, I’m glad I don’t know what it is!


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