Two pines, high bridge

Two pines remain where three once stood, of such girth that this house must have been built under them.  Their shade encouraged moss on the deck.  it must have been quite an undertaking to bring that down, and haul the five foot logs in to the woods around the bend, to block a place where people turned around. It’s hot today, July twenty-fourth.  

Felled twelve years ago, 
Stump burned, logs rotted away
The deck in sunlight

A sapling took root
In the decaying old stump
Transposed, growing, joy.

20170724 haibun
Prompt at dVerse


13 thoughts on “Two pines, high bridge

  1. I like that the pine blocks people from turning around on that place. We have the same problem on our little back road. The pines so huge! Ours around this area are tall and skinny. You can watch them swaying in the wind. I like your haibun muchly. I can just see the place in my mind.


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